Active Applications

Do not leave an unsaved anything on your screen. If the power goes off it will be lost. Save before doing anything else including printing. (Ctrl + S) Develop good habits. Work on your hard disk and make a backup to the diskette.


Strong Passwords

CAPITALS and punctuation are accepted and used. I do not know your passwords so cannot help if you forget.



Try to right click on items. Often this gives shortcuts and normally gives properties. Be careful if the properties are changed. Write down what the settings are before they are changed



As a suggestion, backup the live data, restore data to another folder, test the restore then copy to the normal directory. There are very few times a restore is necessary, contact a consultant first.



read the flippn manual

Most applications now have on line manuals (normally press F1). Often the manual will be context-sensitive Help. Go to explorer and look up context-sensitive for an explanation. Often pointing an arrow at a field will bring up help after a couple of seconds Try the Microsoft toolbar icons for an example.


Client  Server

The Data from the program (May be exonet-net, access, excel) is written by the SQL database to all required tables. If the data write is not completed correctly, the write is reversed so none is written.



We can connect Access to other accounting databases. This allows special or custom reports to be written.



We are finding a large number of  errors when a new line has been added which is nor included in the total. Make sure there are control totals to eliminate these.


Save your  work

When the power goes off you will loose all of your word processing and spreadsheet since the last save. Use CTRL+S all the time.


Software Technical Notices

P17 V100607 mg

Windows 7

The windows DVD contains both the 32 and 64 bit versions.

In the past most computers ran the 32bit version as very few processors were able to run the Windows XP 64 bit version.


Windows 7 64 bit version.

We find this version is now preinstall on many retail  notebook and desktop computers.

Start  —> Control panel —> System

System Type          32Bit Operating system


Different printer drivers are required.

Older 32 bit programs May  not run.

Windows 7 Professional

Only Windows 7 Professional will run XP Mode to run those older  unqualified programs..


Windows 7 32 bit version.

Start  —> Control panel —> System

System Type          32Bit Operating system


Office 2010

2 X registrations 1 for desktop one for notebook

We are running this on our Windows 7 Computer