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KIDZ KARTZ Alexander Park 2nd May  1st Chloe Gallagher

Clyde & Chloe Gallagher


Established in 1866, and claimed to be to be second oldest in New Zealand. The course is also the site of the Pirongia Golf Club. Boxing Day sees a large crowd gather for the traditional Annual Event.

KIDZ KARTZ Prize Giving 2007-2008

Kidz Kartz

Chloe received the “Club Member of the Season”

She is now 16 so is outside the age limit to race.

She had her last race at Alexander Park last week. She came 4th in the 1st race.

Helen & I have a trophy for “Outstanding Contribution”. We deliver ponies in the borrowed horse truck and provide 1st aid.

We will now have Wednesday nights and Friday nights and Sundays etc back.

It has been great fun.