P31 Flags v191006 MG


Yachting Flags 2013 2016

Code Flag 1

Code Flag 2

Code Flag 3

Code Flag 4

Code Flag 5

Code Flag 6

Code Flag 7

Code Flag 8

Code Flag 9

Code Flag 0

Answering Pennant
or LAYC Burgee

AP - Answering Pennant
Races not started are postponed. The warning or other signal will be made 1 minute after removal.

AP over a numeral pennant 1-6
Postponement of 1-6 hours from the scheduled starting time.

AP over H -Races not started are postponed. Further signals ashore

AP over A - Races not started are postponed. No more races today.

1st Substitute - General Recall (Refer to Sailing Instructions)

Code Flag Alpha - Can Mean No More Races Today

Code Flag Bravo - Protest Flag

Code Flag Charlie - Change of Course to Next Mark
(Usually accompanied by a Multiple Sound Signal)

Code Flag Delta - D

Code Flag Echo - E

Code Flag Foxtrot - F

Code Flag Golf -

Code Flag Hotel -

Code Flag India -
Aboard Committee Boat - Round the Ends Starting Rule

Code Flag Juliett -

Code Flag Kilo -

Code Flag Lima -
Ashore - A notice to competitors has been posted
Afloat - Come within hail or follow this boat.

Code Flag Mike -
The object displaying this signal replaces a missing mark.

Code Flag November -
All races are abandoned. Return to the starting area. The warning or other signal will be made 1 minute after removal.

N over A - All races are abandoned. No more racing today.

N over H - All races are abandoned. Further signals ashore.

Code Flag Oscar - Man Overboard

Code Flag Papa - Preparatory signal in Starting System 1.

Code Flag Quebec -

Code Flag Romeo - Reverse Course (Go to Last Mark First)
All Marks rounded to starboard will now be rounded to port
and Visa Versa

Code Flag Sierra - Shortened Course
(finishes at Boat Displaying Flag)

Code Flag Tango - Twice Around
(Usually involves crossing the Start/Finish Line between laps)

Code Flag Uniform -
International - You are running into danger

Code Flag Victor -
International - I require Assistance

Code Flag Whisky -
International -
  I require medical assistance.

Code Flag XRay - Individual Recall
Stays up till Over Early boats recross startline or 1 minute to next class

Code Flag Yankee -
Aboard Committee Boat - Lifejackets Required

Code Flag Zulu -
Rule 30.2 is in effect. (Removed with one long sound 1 minute before the starting signal).