Waiau Pa Fire Force

History of the Waiau Pa Fire Force


After a tragic house fire at Clarks Beach early in 1988, local residents held several meetings voicing their concerns at the lack of immediate fire protection in the greater Waiau Pa area. It was from these initial meetings that the Waiau Pa District Rural Fire Party came into existence.


A meeting held on 26/4/88 called for Volunteer Fire Fighters which would train once a week on a Tuesday evening. Training commenced on 24/5/88 which still continues to date.


The Waiau Pa Fire Party commence it's initial training program using a borrowed trailer pump and hose, and the expertise of four permanent New Zealand Fire Service staff residing locally.


Fundraising began soon after and by the end of 1988 Waiau Pa had purchased a stand pipe, key and bar, several lengths of hose and two branch's, all ex-Otahuhu railway workshops at a cost of $1100.00.


Donations from Auckland Brigades saw our fire fighters clad in well worn but serviceable helmets and bunker coats, which were still being worn up to the middle of 1993. Our first substantial acquisition was a 1951 Coventry Climax portable pump (mounted on a Waiau Pa Fire-fighter built trailer) purchased at the end of 1988, and seeing service until late 1993. Although somewhat temperamental, this pump ensured our early fire fighters and the community had the foundations of a fire service.


1989 dawned and with it came a 1958 Karrier Gamecock Fire Appliance; Waiau Pa Fire Party had come of age. A soon to become familiar sight around Waiau Pa, the Karrier was very popular with both the fire fighters and the residents. Its simplicity and basic design coupled with its sheer reliability ensured it would be a machine never to be forgotten in the Waiau Pa fire fighting history. 

However, like all else progress must continue and in 1990 a C1800 International Fire Appliance with a rear mounted Gwynne pump was purchased from the New Zealand Fire Service. The Karrier's days weren't over, however, for it was then on sold to another fire party where it's good name would continue.


Along with the purchase of the fire appliances came the purchasing of more equipment and the problem of storage. Through the generosity of local residents, Sidney and Pat Owens, the Waiau Pa Fire Party were given an area in  their implement shed which was used as a fire station up until October 1993 when the Fire Party finally moved into their own newly built fire station, in the Waiau Pa settlement officially opened on the 26/2/94 at an approximate cost of $28000.00.


The Fire Party opened their Common Room in November 1996. This building had been transported from the BHP steel works and required renovating both inside and out. A First Aid course was held in the Common Room prior to the official opening.


With the growing population in the area, the Waiau Pa Fire Force will need to extend its capability. We have the expertise and the man power and are now looking forward to the future and preparing for it.


October 2006

 Waiau Pa Rural Fire Force is now able to assist St. John Ambulance Service by co-responding to medical callouts in the Waiau Pa and Clarks Beach areas. "Now if people call 111 for the ambulance they can expect well trained and equipped fire fighters along with St John responding in the time of need." said Chief Officer Morrison

November  2006

 Waiau Pa Rural Fire Force (WPRFF) recently held its honours medals night.

Original WPRFF members, Phil Smith(Waiau Pa Automotive Solutions) and Murray Gallagher were awarded their 18 year bar. They are both also Formation members of the Business Assn.

John Begg (Harbourside) received his 34 year service gold bar.

Other Business association members also received Fire Honours.

The honours function is paid for by Fire Force Members and helpers raising money by Haymaking for small rural blocks.



NOVEMBER TIPS - Restricted Fire Season & Fire Works Danger

The Restricted Fire Season requires a permit to light an outdoor fire.

The Restricted Fire Season is in force 1 Dec to 31 Mar in Rodney & Waitakere Fire Districts.

For Restricted Fire conditions enter “Rodney Restricted fire” or Waitakere Restricted fire in Google Search.

For Franklin contact the numbers 23 71300 or 021 555 266

The burning temperature for Boiling Water is 100  oC

The burning temperature for a sparkler is > 1400  oC for  white.

This and other information in an expanded format is available on www.merlinit.co.nz

P20 20191006   MG

Waiau Pa Fire Brigade needs a new medical co-response van



·            Why do we need your community support to raise funds for emergency resources?

·            The NZ Fire Service only funds one operational vehicle for the Waiau Pa Fire Brigade

·            The (Big Green) fire truck is built to attend structure fires , vehicle accidents and vegetation fires

·            A smaller (van) type vehicle is more appropriate for co-responder and medical assists

·            The current medical van is expensive to maintain and has broken down going to calls

·            The benefits of a more modern van will enable us to be better equipped, reliable, go anywhere, carry extra troops and will cost less to maintain.

·            The medical service we provide is endorsed by St John’s and a Memorandum of Understanding officiates our obligations assisting the community as co-responders

·            The NZFS and St John’s support our desire to modernise but can’t provide the funds


              Your continued support is appreciated, thank you!

Smoke Alarms

Oct 2019

One of the most important fire safety devices for the home is the smoke alarm

The primary job of our smoke alarm is to protect you from fires while you are asleep

Smoke alarms need no maintenance other than changing batteries and an occasional vacuuming of dust or cobwebs. Smoke alarms should be tested at least once a month. All smoke alarms have a test button that you push to check out the entire alarm,

Daylight Saving is a good reminder to change the batteries.

A rental must have smoke alarms either within three metres of each bedroom door or in every room where a person sleeps. If you live in a multi-storey home, they need to be on all levels. The Residential Tenancies Act requires landlords to replace expired smoke alarms with long-life battery photoelectric smoke alarms.

Mitre 10 has a few models at $20 each.