Merlin IT Ltd

Merlin IT Ltd is a company that provides consulting services, sales and installation of the latest software.


The business objective is to provide the same expertise for small business clients as is available for clients with large IT facilities.


An initial project was to create and document the costs of setting up and running a small business.


Merlin IT has recorded theses costs,


Merlin IT offers consultancy on setting up the IT  component of any new or existing business.

Office Phone

09 23 21646 Try this number first. Murray attempts to leave home at 9:00am for his appointments.


This is now the preferred method of contacting us. Please use  murray  at

Appointments and jobs are scheduled from these e-mails.

High Priority Problems

Ring 274 532097

The concept of this service was to provide a direct higher level of support than available from other professions. It is planned to continue this service as at present. This provides direct contact except for telecom problems or while attending courses.


Major Appointments are preferred to be scheduled about a week in advance. This includes installations and major upgrades.

Server failures are attempted to be resolved within a few hours.

Assistance queries are fitted in as soon as possible.

When leaving messages by phone or email please detail what you need advice about.

Many queries require an internet or documentation search. Then when we contact you we are prepared.

We record and charge time assigned to a client similar to accountants and lawyers.


P2 160416

Subcontractors to Merlin IT LTD



Murray Gallagher

Consulting Since 1986

Major Employment

ICL (now Fujitsu)  - Mainframe Computer Engineering; Software Engineering, Programming

 9 years

N Z Steel (BHP) - Computer Analyst and Programming, Project Management

6 years.


University Papers

Bachelor Business Studies Papers - Computing; Accountancy; Law

Electrical Engineering


Computers since 1972 Electronics since 1965


Roger Hardstaff

Major Employment

CA Chartered Accountant Private Practice 10 years

Financial Accountant large companies 10 years

Consulting since 2000 years


ACA Chartered Accountant


Accountancy and since Computers 1969


Brian Gaston

Major Employment

ICL (now Fujitsu)  - Mainframe Computer Engineering; Software Engineering,  15 years

Wang - Mainframe Computer Engineering; Software Engineering,  10 years

Eagle Technology

Brian Gaston Consulting


Computers since 1968


Mark Phillips

Major Employment

ICL (now Fujitsu)  - Mainframe Computer Engineering; Software Engineering, 

Phillips Electronics & Computer Repairs since 1988






From 1 October 2010, the rate of GST in New Zealand increases from 12.5% to 15%.


Calculation 12.5%

$11.25 Divide 9 = $1.25 GST   Subtract    $11.25  -  $1.25 = $10.00 Ex GST * 1.125 = $11.25

Calculation 15%

$11.50 Divide 23 Multiply by 3 = $1.50 GST   Subtract    $11.50  -  $1.50 = $10.00 Ex GST * 1.15 = $11.50



V5.02 update released. Will ask to update (16mb). Must say either yes or no to both or Infusion will be left non operational

.V5 released. Date driven.

Date invoice before 30 September 12.5% automatically applied.

Date invoice after 1st October 15% automatically applied.

GST inclusive pricing.



MYOB EXO Business - October 2010 Changes to GST    or

Load new tax codes 15%

The 4 dots

Prior period posting available. There is the ability to change the GST rate on each invoice line back to 12.5%..

Our Document EXO-GST-RATE-CHANGE.doc is available.



Enter all invoices up to 30 September.

Run End of Month for September.

Change GST rate to 15%.

Enter October invoices.

Does not handle 2 GST rates at the same time.

Trade Me Malware use Malwarebytes to check for this

SCADA first industrial control Virus

Weather Station

23rd Jan Weather Station not working. Cable to anemometer  (Wind) problem & Rain 7am.35 knots.

15 April Weather Computer fail

14 May  new weather station purchased

2 July Computer Overheating

House Fire A Notebook computer must not have the air intake blocked. This is normally on the base. Don't leave on a bed or table cloth.

Notebooks use lithium-ion batteries. This battery type grounded the 787 through electrical fires.

Replace the battery if hot. If the battery or notebook is dropped this May  cause a problem.

We can supply replacement batteries.