NOV 2014 Virus problems

2 this week

New Notebooks

Installed Norton or MacAfee for one year

Subscription expires

Client does not renew

No updates

Computer then attacked by virus


Windows 7 computers will have MS Essentials (Free from Microsoft) will by installed by default.

Windows 8 computers will have MS Defender (Free from Microsoft) will by installed by default.


Ransom Virus Microsoft  Game over Zeus Virus

This virus hit a workstation.. DOC XLS PDF ZIP JPG files were encrypted on both the operating system and Data disk drives.

Backup your data on an external drive.

Remove this from a computer.


11 April

Windows 8.1 V 1 First computer wiped out. Doing an automatic update.

7 March

Win 8 Notebook Trial Antivirus expired. Attacked by Virus. Reinstalled Win 8 Defender. Microsoft Antivirus Article

2 Mar

Vodafone (IHUG Telstra) Charging

Vodafone now charge by the username in the router.

The line must be connected to Vodafone.

If you take your router, with your username programmed in, to any other Vodafone line your account will be charged not the line owner.

Telecom (Xtra) Charging

Xtra charge to the line owner account.

Their routers are delivered with a common user name / password preinstalled.

Feb 21

UPS beeping The two batteries (3 year old) were leaking acid.

January 16, 2014

Microsoft extends XP anti-malware support until July 2015

Feb 20

Telecom Email Alerts

Feb 3 Telecom Yahoo Email Security Alert

Jan 26 Telecom Yahoo Email threat Change Password

Dates 2014

Cheque Book

Write 2014 on all unused cheques.

Accounting Software

Some accounting software has a built in calendar that prevents dates being entered outside a date range that equates to a calendar period.

If your software does not have this feature beware as December entries will probably default to 2014.

Excel MS Access

December entries will probably default to 2014.

16 Dec 9am Telecom Yahoo Email Outage

17Dec DNS Vodafone Old 


16/12 13 SD Cards Eject

New 16 Gb card in a camera —> photos taken

Computer 64 bit win 7 SD to internal Card Reader

Copy to folder on C: \PHOTO

No eject in SYSTRAY —> unplug

Camera now will not read

Back to Computer —> all folders read only —> set to Read / Write

Click in G: drive  (SD Card) —> Eject —> message OK to remove

Camera now will now read and save photos


Windows Live Mail and Windows Fax and Scan

Live Mail will only automatically send using Sky Drive.


Photos taken by new camera will not open

Windows photo Editor  on older computers has a maximum of 10M pixels. New camers are above this.

Use Office Photo Editor.


Yahoo!Xtra Mail - Help & Support

If your email account has been affected by the email issues over the weekend, please Re-secure your Account.

If you set up your account with capitals e.g.  to change your password the log in is needs to be exactly the same, including capitals.

25/10 Backups

Do you have a policy?

Do you have a procedure?

When were backup checked against the original?

When was a restore required?

I accidentally saved a new backup script for a client to my Disk,

A quick plug in of my external drive and the original script was restored.

19/10 Windows 8.1 upgrade

Warning Review

Older Computer Hard Disks


When you start getting power surges the older 80 GB and 40 GB. Drives are failing.

4 in the last month.

Office 2010 Starter


Saved documents are no longer the Word icons but orange icons that will not open.

When you have Office 2010 you have to select the "virtualization Handler" as the default.

Sep 11 2013

My users that have Windows 7 64 bit with the Office 2010 Starter Edition have had this problem with both Word and Excel files.  It appears the automatic updates this am changed the virtualization handler in a way that had the systems trying to use the full Office version to open the target file.  My users were prompted with a dialogue window to activate / license Office 2010 when trying to access these file directly.


Scams Please call us ASAP if you are concerned.

Do not leave your pin or password in your wallet or handbag.

 2 scams to locals this month, Latest reported call 22 November

Do NOT give your credit card number or pin to someone over the phone.

Microsoft Safety & Security Center 








Outlook IMAP 4/12/13

Microsoft recently released some patches and it has caused problems for many people running IMAP on outlook, there are a few ways to fix it, try removing these patches, this should fix it, if it doesn't, try one of the other options listed below.

It is also likely that Microsoft will release an updated patch to fix the IMAP issue very soon in which case the next lot of updates for windows will fix the problem.

Option 1.

Un-install the 2 problem patches.

Open your Start menu and click visit your Control Panel.

Click Programs and Features.

Click View Installed Updates.

Locate either the KB2837618 or KB2837643 updates and remove them.

Option 2.

Disable the "Show only subscribed folders" option in Outlook

Under the "Folder" tab, right of the "Favorites" tab, click "IMAP Folders"

Outlook should open a dialog box with IMAP folders.

There is a checkbox that says, "When displaying hierarchy in Outlook, show only the subscribed folders." Uncheck that box.

Force sending/receiving within Outlook and everything should synchronize up properly.

Option 3.

Changing the root folder path.

Go to Change Account>More Settings>Advanced Tab.

File>Account Settings>Account settings>Change...>More Settings...>Advanced.

In the Folders option, look for "Root folder path" and enter "Inbox".

Save your settings and force a Send/Receive.



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