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BLOG 2016

Dec 2016

TP LINK Switch

The New† TP-LINK† Easy Smart Smart / Web Managed have a default ip address of

This needs to be changed on most networks.

Phone Hackers Telephone Message

Old Phone Systems had a feature to communicate to callers an after hours message.. The callers were then able to record a message.

The site May† have remote telephone access enabled to retrieve the message. 90% of sites use the default†† 0000 1111 1234 9999.

The hackers use this to enable them to make toll calls to Russia Romania etc.

Computer fans

Each† computer has a few internal fans.

If you are in an environment that has dust or hair that can block these fans they need to be kept clean. Our contractors can clean your fans.

VDSL ADSL Speed v Distance

A/VDSL† Locn Distanc Down Speed Mb

V .Waiau Pa†† 1/2†††† 58

A†† Clarks Bch 1††††††† 16

A†† Bombay††† 1.6††††† 10.6

A†† Karaka††††† 2.1††††† 8.7


Overnight Microsoft finalized the acquisition of LinkedIn, its will be exciting times ahead with planned integrations, you can read the announcement


Nov 2016† Ransom Virus

Email through Spark Not detected by Spark and Win 10 Defender

Encryption Ransom ware changes your files so you canít open them. It does this by encrypting the files Opening emails and email attachments from people you donít know, or that you werenít expecting.

Make sure you a† complete backup of your data.


Sep 2016†† Spark Xtra Move to New Zealand

Spark Web Xtra Email move Instructions



Aug 2016

ADSL VDSL FIBRE Wireless 4G installs

Contact us first. We have documented the problems we have been called to correct.

The Chorus tech will get one computer working and then want you to sign off that the installation is complete and working. Almost a 100% failure.


May† 2016 Win 10 Forced Upgrade

How to escape that forced windows 10 upgrade you mistakenly agreed to

Hordes of angry Windows users pelted Microsoft with complaints about being lured into upgrading their PCs over the weekend.

Alt + F4 on your keyboard to close a window

May† 2016 USB Upgrade

Murray has the DVD / USB upgrade program on the notebook. This saves the slow Internet upgrade 4Gb download on each computer.

April 16 Win 10 upgrade Icon

Instructions on how to remove Win 10 upgrade Icon from† the windows 7 / 8 system tray.

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