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Put British Pound or Euro in a document

                 NZ           £               alt + 0163               British Pound

03/02/2018             1               0.52                          

03/02/2018             1.93          1                               

                 NZ           €               alt + 0128               Euro

03/02/2018             1               0.59                          

03/02/2018             1.71          1                               


Montana Wines dumps Kiwi grapes in favour of Australian Article


NZ Golf Open Leaderboard 13th


10/11 Corrupt local profile. Restore to previous day Restore point Fixed Problem.

8/11 Corrupt Disk Vista Fix partition table with  TESTDISK free software from web

12/10 A computer desk with an adjustable keyboard / mouse tray cut the keyboard lead when the tray was raised.

25/9 Computer Password Register. Does the CEO have a list of all the site “Administrator” Passwords? Up to Date? Secure?

10/9 Another server stopping with fan blocked by dust

1/9 Fans take the top cover off the computer cases and blow the dust out of the fans especially the processor fan. This prevents the processor overheating.

23/8 If your computer has automatic updates turned on do not turn off (or unplug a laptop) while an update is in progress. This May  corrupt windows.

17/8 MS Word. If becomes corrupt word will not function correctly. This file is located in C:\Documents and Settings\ user name \Application Data\Microsoft\Templates by default. Copy and paste to make a backup.

14/8 large In Memory application files occasionally corrupt when saved across networks. Take backups. Examples are large Spreadsheets or Works databases.


23/8 If your computer has automatic updates turned on do not turn off (or unplug a laptop) while an update is in progress. This May  corrupt windows.

17/8 MS Word. If becomes corrupt word will not function correctly. This file is located in C:\Documents and Settings\ user name \Application Data\Microsoft\Templates by default. Copy and paste to make a backup.

14/8 large In Memory application files occasionally corrupt when saved across networks. Take backups. Examples are large Spreadsheets or Works databases.

10/7 Beware Do not download when on Internet site, A search for Australian Postcodes displayed a popup message screen Windows Defender has found Trojans. Click the link to remove. The computer was not running Windows defender and the user would have downloaded a virus. Close Internet Explorer (Ctrl + F4). Run Cleaner then Malware Bytes & Spybot.

4/7 MS Publisher web sites do not show Menu bars when IE8 is installed

2/7 Power fluctuation network switch went from 100 to 10 mbps

30/6 Internet Explorer 8 issues with Spybot Patch

3/6 Microsoft search released BING Try images —> NZ —> Waiau Pa

3/6  Win32:Daonol virus. CMD or scripts or backups May  not run. Fox Pro databases May  be corrupted. A script is run when you click on an infected web site. We have a registry fix.  

2/6 Transport of goods. From target. Beware TRADEME purchases. You need to have extra insurance if the item exceeds $1500.

28/5 Flu v Cold

28/5 From Microsoft Course. Conficker worm virus was mainly spread by USB memory sticks being infected. Employees used business computers to download songs from infected internet sites. The download computer is then infected. The memory stick or MP3 player is then infected. As the  memory stick or MP3 player  is plugged into the new computer this is then infected .

21/5  National Bank. Adobe reader V9 update. Statements will not open. The new path needs to be added into Direct Link.

20/5  new Win32:Daonol virus. CMD or regedit will not run. A script is run when you click on an infected web site. We have a registry fix.  


28/5 Conficker worm virus was mainlu spread by USB memory sticks being infected.

21/5  National Bank. Adobe reader V9 update. Statements will not open. The new path needs to be added into Direct Link.

20/5  new Win32:Daonol virus. CMD or regedit will not run. A script is run when you click on an infected web site. We have a registry fix.  

20/5 Microsoft Article ID: 951978

Script output is not displayed as expected Vista Service Pack 1,  XP Service Pack 3.

This affects all computers that use an Icon (button) to run a script .  The script backups using a date to automatic write to a CD.  A major Microsoft stuff up I wasted 4 hours on. Only affects XP Service Pack 3 e.g. My Notebook. Easy fix I will add a line to the script. SetLocale(2057)  This gives is the NZ date format in dd/mm/yyyy.

6/5 Norton 360 stops Vista IE8 working

6/5 Norton 360 stops Vista pinging own address

1/4 Conficker worm striking on April 1st   Patch    Published: October 23, 2008

1/3 AVG Scan speed up Tools -> Advanced ->  Scans -> Scan Whole -> Scan Archives -> Off

1/3 run Cleanup before AVG Scan

4/2 Computer Slow & Stopping on a hot Day. The processor fan intake was on the side of a case & this was under a computer desk hard against the side with no airflow. Moved 2cm away no problems.

5/12 Passwords Dialup & ADSL Supplied by the ISP only the owner has these and can have them reset. Don’t log a call without them.

1/2 Backups If “family consultants” change a backup routine test it works daily and check the restore works each week

1/2 Check there is an air space at least 2cm for each fan.

29/12 Server resilience Have a plan for when the server fails

29/12 Server backups- Check weekend backups & scheduled backups work

22/12 Vodaphone hosting fail use

12/12 back Photos to CD Hard Disks fail—Portable ones also

2/12 Vodaphone hosting fail

20/11 Clean dust from the processor fan and heat sink and PSU fan

20/11 Westpac will not run on IE5

11/11 Beware of changing printer drivers on a server, it May  affect other users

5/11 Outlook Express only downloading headers—lack of disk space

5/11 Space on hard drive you need at least 1-2 gb for XP

27/10 Microsoft have an Emergency patch to stop a virus

11/10 Installing trial Office 2007 installs SQL server reduces computer performance

10/10  Virus Braviax.exe getting through XTRA email filter very difficult to remove.

4 /10 Windows 7 info Windows Secrets

3/10 Have your email server login user names and passwords recorded

1/10 New Tax tables are needed for the payroll

29/1 Server Scheduled Backups - Check the date on backed up files daily

12/9 Have a site User Requirements Document .

12/9 Update the sites User Requirements Document every year.

12/9  Have the sites User Requirements Document costing updated every year.

9/9 New Clear type powertoy for LCD screens.

10/9 Westpac online banking. Install JavaScript first

10/9 Vista If a computer locks up then run CCLEANER to remove temporary files and check the Hard Disk for errors.

2/9 Latest virus jumps onto memory sticks so manually scan these

23/8 Computers for service—Bring the Driver CD in case windows need a reload.

22/8 Check your Internet usage. Streaming video HQ can use a lot.  11gb this month.

22/8 Check your Internet usage on line. Turn on email alerts. Teenage children can use a lot. Your speed will reduce to dial up or you will be charged for excess usage. 

6/8 Have a UPS on your telephone system server and switches. Laptops continue to work.

1/8 Have a plan to keep you business operating when the server fails

30/7 Stop the Indexing service on XP computers used as a server

29/7 Antivirus 2009 Introduces a virus - don't download and install programs without checking !!

25/7 Server DNS Settings

25/7 Vista A deleted printer sends causes Spooler to use 50% processor power

16/7 Vista Offline indexing uses 70% of network bandwidth

14/7 Beware of server backups that do not happen

18/6 XP SP3 Different Transfer Wizard SP2 collected won’t work XP & W98 different collection

14/6 Power boards don’t pug in heaters

14/6 Power boards May  stop network over power working

10/6  Worlds fastest computer 

1/6 Move Outlook file location

1/6 Backup Outlook file

27/5 Windows XP Service Pack 3 will install on XP service pack 1 or XP service pack 2 not XP original

24/5 AVG Version 8 Install instructions. XP SP2 or SP3

9/5   XTRA spam filter blocked clients commercial daily email file being sent

6/5 Hotmail issues  Some customers May  be receiving error messages when they try to send emails to Hotmail users.

23/4 Advice from National radio

23/4 XP service Pack 3

22/3 Almost everyone concedes that the high definition DVD format war is over and the winner is Blue Ray

24/2 Testing Wireless extender (from 100 to 500)

24/2 Link for DOCM & XLSM converter for Office 2007

24/1 In progress VoIP Phone options Document

22/1 Those Computer terms document

23/1  VoIP  Phone Terms

4/1   Write 08 on cheques

4/1    Create 2007 folders and move history documents to these folders.

8/12 Computer Presents—Software Advice write up

8/12 A list of the free programs we use to diagnose slow computers are listed on Home page Links are on Links Page.

7/12 Beware of problems after downloading the Yahoo Bubble software. We don’t.

8/12 Borrow a Wireless router and test the distance your laptop can receive signals

1/12 New Spybot program V1.5.1

3/10 Summer Maintenance Fans again!!!

29/9 Daylight savings Patch on web for XP  Needs SP2

14/9 Backups up to date and tested??? 3 hard disk failures so far this month

12/9 Summer Maintenance. The fans on the CPU (inside the case ) and the power supply can be cleaned. We use an old blowing vacuum cleaner. A workshop compressor needs care not to damage the fan blades.

12/9 Older Outlook needs a service pack to send using  Vista

9/9 Daylight savings

Computer clocks should have updated 2am 30th September. Check your computer clocks next Sunday or Monday   XP patch (needs Service Pack 2)

7/9 XTRA uses officemail if part of a domain Outlook 2002 will not send

13/8 4 Computers with a virus this week

18/7 BNZ new banking requires XP service pack 2 + other software on installation CD.

15/7 Keep Office & Windows registration codes. It takes time & evidence of purchase to convince Microsoft to issue a new code.

10/7 Add test UPS to the end of month tasks. The Batteries are motor cycle size and  only last a few years.

29/6 New Microsoft Programs -SQL Server 2008 June CTP has known compatibility issues with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Beta.

23/6 Vista does not have JAVA Java download

20/6 Heaters A computer that would not turn on. The computer operator’s heater had melted and distorted the power switch so badly the button would not operate. Check the objects close to any heater.

20/6 Do NOT plug heaters into power boards / Multi Plugs. The WPFF had a house burn down through a power board overheating. Beware of moisture in a power board. This can also cause them to heat up.

28/5  Vista import from OE 6 DBX files

1/5 Vista Cannot see when AVG is running a scan

7/5 Vista Cannot copy & Paste to FTP i.e. Web Sites

7/5 Vista Transfer Wizard only from XP and Win 2000

12/4 Windows Home Server has reached the beta 2 milestone!

12/4 Longhorn Server is the next release of the Windows Server platform and it shares the same code base as Windows Vista

7/4 Ready Boost—Only buy memory sticks that are capable of ready boost Ready Boost.

2/4 Only  re-index Fox pro on the server

31/3 MYOB Aurora  fails  with  VISTA

6/3 Server change over Allow more than 4 hours

6/3 Computer change over Allow 2—4 Hours

20/2 An IPOD plugged into a PC can prevent it loading past the BIOS.?!!

14/2 Website Hosting Have a copy of the complete site html code stored on your own server.

7/2 Vista needs hardware acceleration to play card games

29/1/07 Vista Install Notes A spread sheet with our notes.

7/1 Start new 2006 folders for Email and documents. Move 2006  data to these folders

sb5/1 Spybot Beta Available for Vista testing

5/1 Telephone provider; If changing note: To use Xtra Broadband, you must have a Telecom land line account and an Xtra Broadband account.

3/1 Be very careful entering December dates in accounting packages they will default to 2007!!!

3/1 Enter 07 on all cheques to get the year date correct

21/12 Vista and Office 2007 available from 29 January 2007

4/12 File Transfer Wizard will not move file from XP SP2 to XP SP1

4/12 telecom-media. release Survey 10 year olds

23/11 Vista and Office 2007 Released in Canada

22/11Flash memory literally wears out after a fixed number of writes, usually 100,000 or so.

Save data or photos on memory sticks onto a CD or DVD.

10/11 New free AVG version AVG75FREE_432a861.exe 17mb


26/10 Microsoft have introduced a technology guarantee for Microsoft Vista and Office 2007.

29/10 NEW PostCodeFinder

26/10 XTRA speeds upgraded to match other ISP’s

24/10 First Vista computers December 2006

21/10 Purchase fast memory sticks only. VISTA will use as ram.

20/10 Don’t Reinstall Windows to fix a problem. Check with a  consultant first.

20/10 Don’t use a recovery CD to fix a problem. The HDD is reformatted. Check with a  consultant first.

6/10 Beware XTRA Telecom  lower cost internet plans. They charge for excess MB used.

28/9 Internet Explorer 7 release planned for the 4th quarter of 2006

23/9 Toshiba A100 new note books . Two with loose Hard Disk drive connections.


7/9 Accounting software upgrades - List features missing in potential new software.

7/9 When upgrading accounting software look for specials e.g. saving invoices for recall.

6/9 Don’t publish your email address use murray at

6/9 Publish your email address and expect 20 spam rubbish messages a day

5/9 MERLIN IT can do a hardware fan clean and software clean on computers if required.

5/9 Slow Computers Open case and blow out cpu fan. (Old Electrolux cleaner is good)

5/9 Computers slowing down over a period of time. The cpu fan May  be blocked with dust.

1/9 Notebooks need time to shutdown on low battery. 20 hours fixing corrupt profiles

31/8 simple software clean computer instructions

30/8 check phone acc charges remove wiring & phone rental

27/8 Use internet off peak time 2am to 10am ihug

25/8 Beware saving passwords. Anyone else can access your data on your computer.

22/8 Wireless networks May   lose data if they crash on  SQL applications. They should roll back.

22/8 Wireless networks WILL lose data if they crash on non SQL applications MYOB AURORA

9/8 Keep versions of documents and spreadsheets. The original May  be overwritten or corrupted. 

6/8 Document on web  - new program install

6/8 If you had a fire are all backups in another location

6/8 hard Disks fail at any time  _ backup or all is lost

5/8 Two home computers - windows corrupted—Norton installed with virus present

1/8  Home users  - Save registry settings before  installing programs

7/7 Vacuum & blow out Power Supply & CPU (in case) fans.

16/6  Microsoft rings last bell for Windows 98, ME Support will end on July 11 Support for Windows XP Service Pack 1 will end on Oct. 10

13/6 UPS Battery can fail & need to be changed

13/6  UPS  test battery by turning power off

12/6  Games often need 3D Acceleration. Test using DirectX detailed at foot of page.

12/6  Record your Router name password & IP address

11/6 User  Computer Service sheet available.

11/6  Power switches don't directly turn on the power.  Micro switches  go to the motherboard.

They are not robust. 3 broken at a school.

10/6 Don’t use pen drives for other than temporary data transfer. Checksum failure on file.

9/6 White text is not printed. There is no white ink. If coloured paper is used the “White” font inside the text box shading will be the colour of the paper.

7/6 Attachment WINMAIL.DAT on web mail. Outlook reveals a MYOB PDF invoice.

06/06/06 Once a year date

5/6 Keep driver CD’s. HP printer 166mb download.

4/6 Back up registry, Export with REGEDIT.

3/6 Create a Restore  point before installing software.

1/6 Wireless networks do have a limited rang. Signal blocked, like portable phones.

28/5 Export address books to a csv file to save.

28/5 Home users-drag & drop emails to a folder to back up emails test by opening.

24/5 Don’t plug heaters into a power box.

24/5 Don’t have computers and heaters plugged into the same power circuit or phase.

24/5 Maps extended Takanini, Otea Valley, Lincoln Rd

23/5 Children (Teenagers) install software on parents work computer. Computer unusable.

22/5 Office 2007—Help Icon was going to be called Floatie. Now the name has been changed for Australian & NZ cultural sensitivity.

22/5 Microsoft Vista  & Office 2007 course. Need min 512mb ram for Vista.

17/5 HIDE NOTEBOOKS - thieves smashed a car windows to steal a note book

17/5 FAIR GO - site closed deposits lost ??

9/5 Network files corrupted - a CD used to write IPOD music on the server .

8/5 scripts available to backup documents from each PC to the server

LCD Screen Fonts >Display Properties>R/Click on Desktop> Appearance> Effects

 þ   smooth edges of screen fonts > Clear Type



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