This event does need to be planned for. If you have† problems understanding any steps, sort them out now. The timing is very important.


Check with your accountant they have a standard list.

Use the Standard End of Year† Spreadsheet

We do not have time to sort out disasters because accounts are not correct ant the checklist has not been followed..


As a suggestion, backup the live data and restore the data to another folder,

Bad Debts

Write of your bad debts before the end of the financial year. This is a Credit note in debtors to the Bad Debts Account in the expense section of the General ledger. You pay tax on your Debtors Aged balance total. GST is claimed on the Bad Debt.†

If the debt is recovered this is an Invoice in debtors to the Bad Debts Recovered Account in the income section of the General ledger. GST is paid on the Bad Debts Recovered.


Please email us for our advice or spreadsheets.

Debtors unable to meet payment terms?† Create a Financing statement on the PPSR.

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Accounting Technical Notices



read the flippn manual

Most applications now have on line manuals (normally press F1). Often the manual will be context-sensitive Help. Go to explorer and look up context-sensitive for an explanation. Often pointing an arrow at a field will bring up help after a couple of seconds Try the Microsoft toolbar icons for an example


Client† Server


The Data from the program (May be exonet, access, excel) is written by the SQL database to all required tables. If the data write is not completed correctly, the write is reversed so none is written.



We can connect Access to other accounting databases. This allows special or custom reports to be written.



We are finding a large number of† errors when a new line has been added which is not included in the total. Make sure there are control totals to eliminate these.

Save your† work


When the power goes off you will loose all of your word processing and spreadsheet since the last save. Use CTRL+S all the time.

New Year Advice 2018

Write 2018 on all remaining cheques in your cheque Book.

Create a new 2017 folder on all your computer archives.

Move your 2017 files to this archive.

Donít have an Archives regime? Contact our consultancy to help you site set one up.

Beware entering all dates in computer applications. The date will default to 2018 when you require a 2017 date.